• When News Happens, Count on NewsWatch TV to Report It

  • Posted on December 30, 2016
  • It has been said by many that NewsWatch TV is among the finest national television news programs in the country. Perhaps it is the unusual magazine-style format that presents information and news in such a relatable way that makes it compelling. It could also be the wide variety of topics covered by the show that makes it better than most. It’s hard to say why people like it, but the audience is growing.

    NewsWatch TV has come a long way since it was launched back in 1990 as a monthly news show. It currently airs every Friday morning on Discovery, but it is also featured on ION Television and dozens of broadcast TV stations all over the country, in 200 markets. In a given week, the program is available in more than 98 million households. That means most of the country can find out more news about the government, about healthcare and the medical industry in general, and they can learn a lot more about the entertainment industry, as well as consumer electronics, including new smartphone apps. NewsWatch TV, hosted by Andrew Tropeano, also carries the best in public service announcements because it is important that people know things that make their lives better.

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